Aug 012012

By Any Name By Any Name

“So intriguing… cleverly woven together and tensely written” – Sunday Times

“Excellent chilling drama” Manchester Evening News

This is a gripping romantic thriller, packed with tension and danger. From the first page, when a man covered with blood is running the wrong way down a motorway, the action never stops.

A bloodstained man runs half naked down a motorway at night dodging high-speed traffic – and worse. Cornered by police, admitted to a psychiatric ward suffering from trauma-induced amnesia, all he can recall is a detailed knowledge of sophisticated weaponry and military techniques that indicates a background in terrorism.

When two armed soldiers guarding his room are murdered and Dr Elizabeth Santer, the psychiatrist assigned to his case, is abducted at gunpoint a desperate hunt begins for a dangerous killer.

Terrorist – murderer – kidnapper – thief whatever he is, he remembers a town in Wales and it is to Brecon he drags Elizabeth Santer with the security forces in all-out pursuit. There, a violent and bloody confrontation exposes a horrifying story of treachery and political cover-up.

Is Elizabeth in the hands of a homicidal terrorist or an innocent pawn? Her life depends on the right answer.

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