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The Chain Garden – full-length historical romance novel The Chain Garden – full-length historical romance novel

Free on Kindle 3rd-7th October

“The Chain Garden is more than a straightforward romance; it is also a study into the nature of guilt and the effect it can have over the human mind and heart. Jane Jackson’s novel is satisfying on many levels, well-written and pleasurable to read.” Historical Novels Review

“Wonderfully evocative, atmospheric and marvellously told, The Chain Garden is a spellbinding tale written by a writer who never fails to mesmerize and captivate her readers. The novel’s multifaceted premise, wonderfully drawn characters, moving romance and surprising plot lines make The Chain Garden the perfect book to lose yourself in.” Singletitles.com

The linked circular beds of the chain garden, bright with summer colour, present a charming picture – unless you understand the coded language of flowers.

Guilt-ridden at the number of men dying in her father’s mine, Grace Dameral works hard to help the village’s bereaved families while caring for her frail mother and preparing for her brothers’ homecoming.

The arrival of Edwin Philpotts, a former missionary, ignites a dramatic sequence of events that lay bare long-buries secrets. But why has Edwin returned to Cornwall, and how will Grace respond to his shocking confession?

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