Nov 092011

Next weekend I’ll be wearing my sexy hat, the erotic publisher one at the Erotica Show in London. It’s held at Olympia and is just like the Ideal Home Expo except it’s all about sex. It will be our fourth year there and I know it will be fun – the first year I was like a rabbit caught in the headlights (the fluffy kind!) but now I’ve stopped feeling like the oldest gooseberry in town and started to enjoy it.
The atmosphere is great – most the guests seems to be older couples and there’s not a raincoat in sight. And it’s fun – just like sex should be. I love meeting our readers and getting their feedback – it really is a unique opportunity. This year we will also be holding a writing masterclass, author panels and reading slams.
So why not come and join us – life’s for living after all!

Erotica is on the 18th-20th November – click here for more information

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