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How to Get Your Kids Through University How to Get Your Kids Through University

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Had my own parents had something like this when I was an undergraduate, I’m certain they would have felt far more involved and less removed from the whole experience…this is an excellent initiative. –Debbie Le Play, Head of Humanities, DeMontfort University

I honestly think the book is excellent….it really is a very clear and informative one stop shop for parents… I couldn t think of anything to add that isn t already covered! –Gale Dawson, Learning and Progression Manager, University of Birmingham

Product Description

This book is designed to help you give the best advice and support to your teenager who wants to go to university.

All the key elements of a university education are covered, from choosing the right course, understanding university league tables and getting a place, right through to maximising opportunities after graduation.

We consider all the critical events where your support and informed advice can be vital and help you to spot when things are going right and when they are not.

It’s not about holding your child’s hand. It’s about giving sound advice – an arm around the shoulder – to allow your child to mature at university, to stay on course for a good degree, and to forge the way to a successful career.

The authors are experienced university staff who have drawn on the knowledge they have gained as tutors, as teachers, and as parents themselves.

Clearly laid out and fully illustrated by case studies, this book is your guide to your kids’ success at university.

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