Mar 012013

 Vintage Babes

Carol is divorced, over 50 and a rather good journalist. When her boss on the local paper is retired, she hopes that she will get his job; but that is given to a hot shot editor from another paper. Add to that, she is trying to help out several friends, see her daughter get married and her father avoid getting married; and the stage is set for some very humorous action.

Although this is clearly one aimed at the female reader, I found that I couldn’t put the book down. It’s also aimed at what the book terms “ladies of a certain age”; think of “Calendar Girls” but just a bit raunchier. But I would suggest that most men would also find it just as enjoyable; possibly quite instructional.

In reality, age should not be a barrier, nor should it cubby hole people. It can be quite frustrating to see the way that this happens in certain parts of society, so this book is a breath of fresh air, showing that it’s more about the person and what they can do, rather than about a number.

The book is an easy read, with many bits that will raise a smile (or an eyebrow!).

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