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Something in the Blood (A Honey Driver Murder Mystery) Something in the Blood (A Honey Driver Murder Mystery)

Free on Kindle 28th March – 1st April

‘The kick-off to Goodhind’s new mystery series – fast moving with a likeable heroine and an impeccably rendered Bath background…’ Kirkus Reviews

First title in the Honey Driver Murder Mystery series based in Bath, England.

Honey Driver runs a hotel in Bath. She also collects antique
underwear. As boss, she’s in charge one day and washing dishes the next,
resisting her mother’s match-making attempts and managing multiple
responsibilities – mundane, safe, and unexciting. Then one day things change.
Honey lands the job of liaising with the police on behalf of Bath Hotels
Association. No worries, she tells herself. Nothing will happen; then an
American tourist goes missing and Honey is called in to help.

Despite the on/off hostility of her police opposite number, D C I Steve Doherty, she
sticks to the task. In the process Honey finds out that there’s more to work
than washing dishes, and more to murder than malice aforethought.

Jean G. Goodhind is a popular writer of women’s fiction, romance and comedy. For many
years she owned and ran a haunted guest house on the outskirts of Bath and was
one of the founder members of the Bath Hotel and Restaurant Association. Her
experiences inspired the international bestselling Honey Driver series. She has
won a BBC Radio award for scriptwriting. She also writes women’s fiction as
Lizzie Lane and has writes a regular column for the Western Daily Press.

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