Nov 112011

The extraordinary life of Britain’s 100-year-old teenager. Hayley Okines is like no other 13-year-old schoolgirl.

Born with the rare genetic condition progeria, she ages eight times faster than the average person. In medical terms her body is like that of a 100-year-old woman. Yet she faces her condition with immense courage and a refreshing lack of self-pity.

In Old Before My Time, Hayley reflects on her unusual life. Share Hayley’s excitement as she travels the world meeting her pop heroes Kylie, Girls Aloud and Justin Bieber and her sadness as she loses her best friend to the disease at the age of 11.

Now as she passes the age of 13 – the average life expectancy for a child with progeria  – Hayley and her mum Kerry talk frankly about her hopes for the future and her pioneering drug trials in America which could unlock the secrets of ageing for everyone…

Hayley just lights up a room. She’s so full of happiness.’ Lorraine Kelly 

‘Hayley is special in so many ways.’ Girls Aloud

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