Apr 272014

A Lady Amanda Golightly Murder Mystery

From the author of The Falconer Files – the second in the series featuring an outrageously ill-assorted pair of amateur sleuths. A delightful outpouring of English upper class eccentricities with the odd murder thrown in.

Cringe with embarrassment, as Lady Amanda Golightly acts like a bad-tempered five-year-old in the face of a family crisis.

Cheer her on, as she and her live-in friend at Belchester Towers, Hugo Cholmondley-Crichton Crump, plan a new business venture for the old place.

Join them for Christmas, then wish them luck as they embark on a trial run of their new enterprise.

Then gasp at Lady Amanda’s reaction (delight!) at the discovery of the body of a dead guest, found slumped on the library table, murdered FIVE TIMES!

Lady Amanda and Hugo are off again, on one of their madcap investigations determined to save the reputations of their batty friends, and beat the morose Inspector Moody to the unmasking of the culprit – or should that be culprits? – while her butler, Beauchamp, calmly serves cocktails

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