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Robin St. James and the Secrets of the Chosen, a young adult literary fiction, follows the plight of a teenage girl, who uncovers a dark family legacy that thrusts her life into a spiral of intrigue, deception and uncertainty.

In a desperate search for answers to her grandfather George’s mysterious disappearance, Robin stumbles upon a seemingly fictional reality that not only provides painful answers, but a given destiny beyond rational comprehension; a quest to return a core stone of unbridled power and knowledge to it’s rightful place, ensuring the future equilibrium of life.

With danger around every corner Robin confides her plight to her American cousin Terry.   Their path is fraught with difficulty, from a complicated love interest with Logan Elgar to a first encounter with the Collective – an evil clan driven by lustful greed.  A final collision between forces proves Terry’s loyalty to a devastating end. Robin fears defeat but is confronted by echoes of the past that show the way forward. 

Fulfilling her legacy, Robin readies herself for the next journey, aware of the continuing struggle that lies ahead and the bittersweet taste any relationship with a nemesis will bring.

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