Nov 152014

Jimmy Costello always thought he was a good Catholic, a good father and a good copper. But he is a man with a past, a violent, criminal past. 

Following the death of his wife, this corrupt London CID Sergeant put the wrong villain in hospital, got himself the quickest retirement on record and then disappeared.

Now he’s back on his home turf in London for a reason and there are some very important people who are going to be upset by his return.

But why has he come home? And what does he want?


Jimmy Costello has come home for a reason, a good reason, but he has to get in, get what he wants, and then get out again before he finishes up where he’s put others, in the ground.  And time isn’t on his side.  In fact nobody is on his side.  Go careful, Jimmy, this time you’re not a copper and it’s you they’ll be after.

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