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Comfort and Joy

by Christina Jones

Eighty might be the new sixty, but the enlightened elderly ladies of The Terrace still aren’t too pleased when they realise that the council have moved a single mother into a house on the street. It might be the season of comfort and joy, but there’s trouble brewing on The Terrace …

Santa Lives

by Tricia Maw

Tessa Stanton knows the launderette isn’t the ideal place to spend Christmas Eve, but it sure beats her empty house. She dozes off, and when she wakes she’s somewhat surprised to see Santa tumbling around in a washing machine, struggling to get out …

A Christmas Murder

by Marsali Taylor

Live-aboard yacht skipper Cass Lynch is preparing for Christmas with DI Gavin Macrae at his family home in the Highlands … but first of all they need to find out just why the Father Christmas dummy at Scalloway Castle has suddenly come to life – or rather, to death …

No Smoke Without Fire

by Bill Kitson 

Christmas: a time of joy and happiness, but not for the emergency services. After last year’s fatal arson attack, Dinsdale police fear the worst when they’re called back to another fire on the Normanton estate. But things aren’t as they seem – certainly not for Lauren, who meets a very strange character outside her house on Christmas Eve … 

Proof of the Pudding

by Jane Wenham-Jones 

After Christmas dinner with all the trimmings and cake smothered in icing and marzipan, no one ever eats the Christmas pudding anyway. But when Mum decides not to bother with one this year, there’s uproar from Dad and the children, and she realises that the proof of the pudding isn’t in the eating after all.

What the Dickens!

by Caroline Dunford

At the Mullers’ estate, Euphemia Martins is helping Richenda to make her daughter’s first family Christmas a special one. But when Bertram Stapleford comes to stay, his bad mood sours the festive atmosphere. Richenda decides to play a practical joke on her moody sibling – but sometimes laughter can end in tears …

Merry Christmas Everybody

by Jane Risdon

There are tensions in the studio when Twister record their new album. The band members are at each other’s throats and someone is messing up the mix on their recordings. The band blames their producer, but it soon becomes clear that someone unexpected is trying to get a message of festive goodwill through to them …

Family Matters

by Jane Jackson

It hasn’t been a great year for Jess. Newly widowed and left in massive debt, she tries to forget about things as she prepares for Christmas. But when a frightened young couple stow away in Polvellan church hall before the Christmas concert, Jess soon realises what really matters as she and her friends rally round for two people in need.

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