Nov 142011

The stories your history teachers forgot to tell you

A fascinating collection of stories from Welsh history collected from Phil Carradice’s popular BBC Wales blog, gathered together for the first time in a book.

Among the incredible stories are…

  • The man from Clydach who invented a Death Ray
  • The Welsh aristocrat whose parrot once bit Herman Goering on the nose
  • The witch who cursed the launch of a warship at Pembroke Dockyard
  • The battle that was won by a herd of cows

These stories are part and parcel of Welsh heritage and make history interesting.

Snapshots of Welsh Historywithout the boring bits covers a wide range of Welsh history topics. Written in Phil’s unique easy-to-read yet elegant style, these stories are funny, tragic, sad and hilarious. Yet the one thing they all have in common is that they make compelling reading.

Author Information

Phil Carradice is a novelist, poet and historian. He has written over 40 books. His most recent novel The Black Chair tells the story of Welsh poet Hedd Wyn. He is currently working on a history of the Royal Flying Corps in WW1. He broadcasts regularly on TV and radio and, as well as writing a weekly blog, presents the BBC Radio Programme The Past Master.

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