Dec 012011

Pushing open the doors to the Aspire Conference on Tuesday I never guessed my life was about to change. I was nervous about speaking, nervous because I didn’t know a single person there and, if I’m honest, feeling rather flat, fat and fifty.  But now I feel like my heart and head have been fluffed up, refreshed, nourished and nurtured. Somehow some very special magic seemed to happen when 250 women from over 17 countries shared their hope, dreams, fears and experience. There was no bullshit, corporate stuffiness, power-dressing prima donnas (although some of the shoes were to die for!)  just honest, open women who shared, cared and delivered fantastic, useful relevant, inspiring talks.

The conference was organised by a company called Aspire which was founded by Dr Samantha Collins – she is one seriously impressive lady. She glows with energy and is 100% herself. I hope I have found a wonderful new friend and ally in life – she certainly made me feel like I had! I’ve been to loads of corporate conferences and events but this was something completely new for me, completely life changing.

And the icing on the cake was that I had really wonderful feedback on my talks – so many lovely women came and said I’d inspired them. One did say I looked liked Victoria Wood and was funny too – not entirely sure how to take that although it is always lovely when people laugh at your jokes!

So many, many thanks to Sam and all the Aspire team – the organisation behind it all was impeccable. And thank you to all the wonderful women that I met, hugged, laughed and cried with. I’ll never be the same again because you have helped me open my mind and heart to so many wonderful new ideas and possibilities. Life feels very good right now!

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