Dec 162011
Cara Sutra

Describe who you are/what you do in 3 words or less: Original Boudoir Babe

What keeps you awake at night?: My thoughts churning round and round, plans I want to complete, writings I must finish or ideas to launch. Either that or the cold, which I don’t deal with very well!

Where is the most unusual place you’ve had sex?: Inside a tourist attraction whilst it was open. It was Mont Orgeuil on the Channel Island of Jersey where I was raised. The thought of people walking by the small room we were in whilst we were ‘at it’ was such a thrill… unfortunately it was also an area with a gravel floor… not so sexy and definitely felt for a good few weeks afterwards!

Tell us a secret: I’m quite shy really. Honest!

If you were an animal, what would you be?: Definitely a cat, preferably a kitten, but sometimes a Lioness. I am a Leo so it fits! Mostly purry, loves strokes and attention but treat me mean and get my claws. Love kitten-play in the bedroom, I even wear a little kitty bell on a chain at all times.

What makes you laugh?: Apart from that Damn You Autocorrect site? Funny misspellings in professional text, Russell Howard, Mongrels, the IT Crowd, Dilbert, men with small genitalia and being mean to men in chastity. It’s an odd mix, but it works. Plenty more – I do have an odd sense of humour and find the strangest things funny.

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