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To some people a sixth sense might suggest some spooky abilities to predict the future or read minds, but there is a real sense we have that is often called our sixth sense and it’s absolutely essential to our everyday lives. Without it we couldn’t drive a car, type on a computer, or send text messages on our phones, and even walking would take a massive amount of concentration.

It is the sense of knowing where all the bits of our bodies are without having to look at them! You can test out this sense for yourself by putting both hands above your head, closing your eyes, then trying to touch each of the fingers of one of your hands with the index finger on the other hand. You should touch your nose in between each finger to make it a more difficult task. If you find it very hard you can wriggle your fingers which makes it easier to find them.

When you do this, you can’t see where your fingers are, and they aren’t touching anything, so you are not using any of the five basic senses. Your brain is able to steer your hand because nerves in the tendons and muscles can tell you how stretched out your arm and hand is. This is a vital sense to have when driving a car because it means you do not need to look at your hands on the steering wheel or your feet on the pedals to know exactly where they are. Sending a text with your thumb whilst you look at the phone screen is a similar example.

 Taken from Why Do Golf Balls Have Dimples?: A Book of Weird and Wonderful Science Facts

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