Feb 292012

Voyeur Eyes Only

Guest post by Essemoh Teepee

Being a Vegas Virgin can be a little overwhelming…

Getting an invite to give a talk at the first Annual conference of the Erotic Authors Association was exciting; that the EAACON was going to be in Las Vegas, Nevada, 6,000 miles away was mind-blowing!

An early morning flight from Gatwick airport, London meant an overnight stay at a small, low rise ratty motel called the Skylane, (remember that name, there is a pop quiz later). The 11 hour flight with, of all people, Virgin had one event of note; I bumped into Hazel Cushion, the Managing Director of Accent Press and Xcite Books, the location? In the line for the restrooms!

Coming in to land at McCarran International it felt like our plane was going to land on The Strip! The skyscraping hotels seemed so close. The cab ride to the Flamingo, the Grand Old Lady of Vegas, was very pleasantly enlivened by sharing it with Hazel and Genevieve Ash, an erotic romance writer from Ohio.

Decadence and sensuality oozed from nearly everything I encountered, seasoned with an extra large helping of tacky. The casino influence was all pervading and the litter on the walkways was mainly crumpled pages of very available men and women. As someone said as we walked through the hotel lobby “It’s Vegas, Baby!”

The conference was a whirlwind of meeting and greeting around a hundred writers, editors, publishers and belly dancers. (To be fair the belly dancers were from another gathering on the same floor as the EAACON, not actually part of our group).

After two days of talking, debating and arguing intensively about writing and publishing erotica, sexy stories and sensual tales, I think we were all pretty hyper and wrung out by the time we got to the closing cocktail party on Saturday evening.

The bar tender was a great guy, mature and experienced, not flashy. Just give him a clue as to your tastes and he came up with something that was just damn perfect!

The morning of the closing day, before dressing, I had stood in front of the plate glass window that was one wall of my GO room at the Flamingo, staring out at the Vegas Strip. The Bellagio, the Paris, the Imperial and Caesar’s Palace were all visible. I wondered if anyone could see me, and then I wondered if I could see them; if I had a telescope. So was born the germ of an idea. In conversation later and during the day, with Genevieve Ash, the Vegas Windows project developed and flowered .

The product of the cocktail party announcement for a call to write for a multi media anthology of erotica, inspired by the experience of the conference is now available. Voyeur Eyes Only: Vegas Windows – erotic encounters in Sin City.

It was a good experience to lose my Vegas cherry!

The Pop Quiz Question? What is the name if the fictional hotel on The Strip in which the Voyeur stays? Enjoy.

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