Feb 252012

Today I’d like to write a tribute to Roger Frank Selby – one of our Xcite authors who has, very sadly, lost his battle with cancer.  I never met Roger in person but we corresponded by email and chatted on the phone. He’d been a very successful pilot and come to writing after he retired. I know he had a science fiction novel completed but we knew him for his erotic fiction.

Here’s what he felt was important about an erotic story… “To me, the story is all-important. Ideally, an erotic story should still stand as a good tale, even without the explicit content. That’s my ideal – but not always the case with some really erotic concepts, I admit. For the reader new to this genre, I would not recommend flicking through for the naughty bits. It’s very important in erotica to let the writer warm you up gently – so that just as with real foreplay, you come slowly and with anticipation to the final culmination.”

Roger was diagnosed last year and so we fast-tracked the publication of his latest work Surprise Witness and we also published an anthology of his work, The Best of Roger Frank Selby. To celebrate his life and to encourage you to discover his work we are offering 50% discount on all books including his stories  CLICK HERE to discover these titles (the discount will be taken off at the checkout).

I shall miss working with Roger – he was a fine writer and one we really enjoyed publishing. Our thoughts are with his family.

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