Mar 182012

Happy Mothers Day everyone – a day to count our blessings. Like many my Mum is no longer here but she was an amazing person and continues to inspire me. Ironically it was her death that led to me to start writing, doing my MA and starting Accent Press.

She’d come to France to help me as I was ill and so were the triplets. We’d moved back from Bali where they had started their life in a lovely warm climate. Now we were living in a converted barn between Boulogne and Calais and it was bleak and damp in the winter. We’ll never really know why the accident happened – she drove on the wrong side of the road, a simple mistake, but the road was clear and either car could have swerved to the verge. Had she been wearing a seatbelt she may have survived.

It was awful, shocking and a tragic end to an amazing mother and grandmother and that’s why I couldn’t let her death be a negative thing in my life or that of my children. I’m not religious but I felt if she ever looked back I wanted to make her proud of how I’d coped with it. She’d always encouraged me to write so I used a little of the money she’d left to sign-up to a correspondence writing course. I poured my grief into that and then my MA and then in setting up Accent Press.

I often smile because whether she knows it or not she continues to inspire and motivate me. She was a fighter who got dealt some very hard blows in life including being left with four children under the age of five when her mother was dying of bowel cancer. Throughout my childhood she had one madcap business idea after another – she never had her own business (she was a nurse) but I know she’d absolutely revel in the fact that I now run my own.

The picture is from the 60’s and I used it to show how, as a single Mum she still had us all looking smart and had taken us to a beach somewhere – clearly not on a very warm day though!  I also like it because she’s holding my hand and I’m sure we can all remember the lovely feeling of security that gave.

So here’s to mothers everywhere – wherever you may be.  Thank you x

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  1. I know I knew the story already, but it’s good to be reminded. I’m glad she provided you with that inspiration.

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